Have you read the Bible cover-to-cover? It took me seven weeks to read Genesis to Revelation, Old Testament, and New Testament. My choice of Bible for this journey is NLT(New Living Translation) an easy to understand Bible.

Completing the Bible in seven weeks is a commitment of considerable time, but it wasn't difficult, other than the sections with genealogy.

The goal is not to understand the Bible in a scholarly way(use Bible study for in-depth learning.) but to have a foundation when entering into discussion with others.

Reading the Bible in seven weeks, cover-to-cover won't have you quoting scripture, as I still cannot quote scripture. And, reading this way will cause you to have a significant amount of questions, which is good, right?

Cover-to-cover with a deeper meaning

Now, I am seeking a deeper meaning looking to other Bibles to help me understand the scripture.

Reading the Bible right before bed calms me, making it easier to get a great night of sleep and strengthen my knowledge of the scripture.

I continue to be surprised by how few of people read the Bible cover-to-cover. Especially those of us who attend Church every week, but many think just going to Church is enough of a spiritual journey.

Reading the Bible is a commitment that will impact your life in ways that you have never experienced before. Your conversation with others changes, and is uplifting.

The Bible will encourage you to share your story with others, leading them to have what you have. It's an incredible feeling and blessing in your life.

“And then he told them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.” – Mark 16:15

Reading the Bible cover-to-cover seems overwhelming, but if you pick the right Bible, you'll accomplish the challenge. You will have the drive to continue, doing deeper study while new relationships blossom with beautiful souls to share your experience. Get started on your journey today!