Non-believers, as well as many Christians, believe that Christians, in general, are narrow-minded people. I admit, I thought that not more than a year ago.

Society brainwashes into believing this is a true statement because society wants you to believe that Christians only see Christianity. But, most Christians, especially followers of Christ, are very open-minded thinkers. We ask questions, a lot of questions. We use prayer for our answers, but we don't discount views that are outside of God's will.

Non-believers, on the other hand, are ignorant in their assumption that Christians are narrow-minded people. They denounce Christianity without having a complete understanding of Christianity. They are basing their claim on individuals who are more of a fan than a follower of Christ.

Narrow-minded people become open when closer to Jesus

The closer you get to Jesus, the more open-minded you become. You have to be open-minded to do what God wants and to resist repeated temptations from Satan.

Non-believers are quick to call Christians narrow-minded because they believe we think we are perfect. Not right, because the deeper we go into Christianity, the more we expose our personal flaws. We are broken people just like everyone else.

The primary difference between followers of Christ and everyone else is our walk with Jesus. We dig deeper to accept our faults, to realize that we are powerless to stop them on our own. We know that through God we will rise above our faults and overcome what haunts us.

Christians who dig deeper rely more on God to lift us up from our brokenness. We admit our mistakes, without excusing them. We allow God to work through us to overcome our greatest fears.

“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” – John 8:32 ESV

Christians followers cannot possibly be narrow-minded as God is taking us to uncharted territory while Satan is tempting us to do what will pull us away from Jesus. Non-believers and many Christian fans are not privy to such an open-minded path.

What non-believers have not figured out is, Christians have a very broad awareness of religions and non-beliefs. We accept that there are those who do not know the truth. And, the closer we get to Christ as followers, the more open-minded we are. We must be open-minded as we have God broadening our experiences, and Satan tempting us with his desires.

Most non-believers lack knowledge of what it is to be a follower of Christ. The very same people who are claiming Christians are narrow-minded are the ones who refuse to experience what happens when you are walking with Jesus. Does that make sense?