Have you heard of Celebrate Recovery? The program is a ministry created over 25 years ago by John Baker of Saddleback Church.

I admit I had never heard of Celebrate Recovery until just a few months ago when one of my Pastors asked me if I was interested in participating their initial run-through of the program.

My focus on the Sermon on the Mount is also the focus of the Celebrate Recovery program. The Beatitudes(Matthew 5:3-9) wrap around hurts, hang-ups, and habits. Something that most all of us have or continue to deal with on a regular basis.

I find that many of us are already doing some of the steps involved in Celebrate Recovery. Our familiarity makes participation comfortable. Still, I would encourage you to invest as much in the parts you are familiar with, as the parts you don't know.

The ministry makes me feel closer to God, as I find myself spending more time talking with him. My prayer life is improving, which is an area in need of improvement. For me, relying on God allows me to focus more on passions, rather than goals. I thrive on love for what I am doing and am less enthusiastic when it comes to goals.

Celebrate Recovery – Release what is inside of you

Celebration Recovery is your opportunity to read through the material, to share and for others to listen without judgment. We are in an environment where you are allowed to release what is inside. The relationship is robust.

We are learning how to not only believe in God but to believing God, which is vital to my growth as a follower of Christ. God is always there for us, even if we are not present for him.

The program helps us turnĀ our life over to God and letting him take control. Giving up control is a process that we slowly break through, and it is a joyous experience. A relief not found elsewhere. He knows our truth, and we are taught to get out of our denial, as he already knows what we are about to confess.

Compelling opportunities open up, as we are changing direction, going towards what is good. Relationships can mend once thought irreparable. Forgiveness is in abundance for ourselves and others, opening doors for a fresh start today.

Welcome, to my notes on the journey through Celebrate Recovery, the ministry that addresses hurts, hang-ups, and habits.

Learn more about Celebrate Recovery here