How do we deal with cancer as a Christian?

I remember as a child when I heard that my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer.  Having been ten years old, I had no experience with cancer before.  I didn't know anything about it.  I couldn't see it.  All I knew is that cancer is what people died from.

Flash forward a little bit, I watched my grandmother go through chemo and radiation.  Visiting my grandmother nearly every day, I could see the toll that cancer took on her body.  I watched her hair fall out in chunks.  I was there the day my grandfather, a former barber, give my cancer-ridden grandmother a hair cut.  He tried to do the best he could with the hair that she had left on her head, but in the end, her new hair cut turned out to shaving her entire head.

Through this entire journey, my grandmother who was a strong believer had the best attitude anyone in her situation could have had.  Cancer as a Christian can be different.  Having Cancer as a Christian can give you hope in your darkest hour.  My grandmother believed in the power of prayer so much that she said she didn't feel pain through the whole radiation and chemo process.  She was truly a godly woman, and I couldn't have asked for a better role model in my life growing up.

My grandmother fought and beat the disease several times, but in the end succumbed to cancer.

What is your cancer as a Christian?

What is cancer in your life?  We all have sins that hold our body hostage.  How do we conquer cancer as a Christian?  If we do not fight sin inside us, it will consume our being.

James 4:7 NASB “Submit therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.”

This verse hits right to the point.  When we resist the devil by getting the sins out of our life, God will free you.  Some signs of your Cancer as a Christian are visible.  People can see it in your face, sense it in your attitude or have witnessed you committing the sin.  If you are struggling with a form of addiction, you are giving the devil a key to your heart.  You are allowing him to have a passage in your soul and you are keeping yourself from God.

Work on removing the sins that consume you.  Instead, fill our minds and hearts with God-honoring indulgences.  As with cancer, your small sin may be unnoticed at first but may grow into a life consuming sin.