You know the person with the big ego. There is no reasoning with them, and they bruise easily.

The person with the big ego will do anything to protect their turf. They will throw people under the bus, or even use others to do their dirty work.

People with big ego's will destroy their opportunity if anyone threatens their turf. They are blinded by the big picture and are best to avoid.

It's common for innocent parties to suffer at the hands of egomaniacs.

Ego driven King Herod's Deception

Take King Herod, who used the Three Wise Men to tell him where to find baby Jesus. God spoke to them in their sleep, telling them to return using a different route.

King Herod discovered the deception and ordered the Wise Men killed. But, that wasn't all, King Herod ordered the murders of baby boys in known areas where he thought his men would find Jesus.

Imagine a King so threatened by a child, who would commit such destruction. This not unlike anyone feeling threatened with too much pride. Their ego's will drive them until they feel justified.

The person with a bruised ego is extremely dangerous, even when you have the upper hand. Hopefully, you aren't challenged and can avoid conflicts with them.

People who have big Ego's are more than willing to be deceptive, like King Herod. He claimed we wished to find the Baby Jesus so that he could visit when he wanted to kill him.

The egomaniacs will often make themselves out to be very generous, but you can see through them as they are often very visible. They will make mistakes, showing their unflattering true colors.

Finally, King Herod passed away, allowing Joseph and Mary to bring Jesus out of hiding.
Remember, don't do battle with those who have big ego's, as they tend to be cruel people. Focus on productive activities, rather than engaging in a fight that will go nowhere fast.