There are those that don't believe in God, and then there are those that don't “believe” God. We think that God won't take care of us because according to our scale, are not worthy of God's love.

I understand this all too well, because I believe in God, and have never questioned his existence. I've not known God's word in the past, so you can say ignorance applies, but now, I know differently, and I still struggle.

For me, the struggle is more of not expecting him to save me, or to heal me. You could say there's a Faith issue as I need to see proof. Otherwise, I question too much.

I Believe in God – Do I deserve to have prayers answered?

Do I deserve to have my prayers answered? Do I need to be healed? Am I asking the right prayers?

Jesus is amazed by a Roman Officer who asks him to heal his servant. Jesus offers to come and heal him, and the Officer asks him to do it without coming into his home because he is not worthy to have him in his home. Still, he asks Jesus to heal him.

Jesus tells the Roman Officer to go back home, and because he believed, the healing happened, and it did!

What do I need to do to have that kind of faith? I need that kind of healing from Jesus.

When we have that kind of faith, we are likely to be healed of whatever makes us suffer.

Can you imagine having that much faith that the tools we seek appear from seemingly nowhere? The Holy Spirit works through us when we let faith take control.

Every day, I work close to finding more faith and am shown step by step on how to live a better life. The atmosphere is changing, and problems previously overwhelming are becoming manageable.

Soon, I believe I will find my passions turning into success, and being able to help others achieve the same as I am now experiencing.