Appreciating life to me means being thankful for what I have.  Today is the celebrated day of thankfulness.  We celebrate this day every year to help remind us of what God has blessed us with.  This symbolic day also marks the start of ungratefulness.  With Black Friday starting on Thursday now, we trade in our thankfulness for bargains and discounts.

No sooner then the leftovers getting stocked away in the overflowing fridge, consumers hop in their car and drive to the nearest store to save money on something that they don't need.  As an American society, we have spoiled our self to the point that appreciating life means investing our time and energy into things.  One verse in the Bible strikes at the heart of being thankful and appreciating life.  That verse is found in Colossians.

Colossians 3:2 NASB Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth.

Appreciating life to the fullest.

If your hope and enjoyment are found in worldly things, you will never see happiness.  The short-lived pleasure of buying something now is followed up with a credit card payment the next month.  This situation also mirrors our lives as well.  We find enjoyment in our sinful nature.  Someday we will have to answer for the sins that we have made in the past.  Unlike credit card debt, our sins are bought and paid for by the blood of Christ.

As you sit around the dinner table today reminiscing about the year past, think about all of the things that you have been blessed with.  If you dig into your analysis, I am sure that you will find many things to be thankful for.  As you contemplate braving the crowds at your nearby retailer, remember our treasures are not of this world.  Save yourself the increased debt and appreciate life as God has blessed you.  Don't live for the moment, live for the Kingdom.