am I worthy? I struggle with poor self-esteem. Most people wouldn't admit struggling with poor self-esteem, especially those with big egos.

John the Baptist felt as though he was not worthy even though God called him to Baptise Jesus. Imagine, someone who felt, “I am not worthy” is the one who Baptized the Son of Man!

Can you imagine all the people who worshiped John the Baptist, and questioned him being the Messiah?

At times throughout my life, I have been placed on a pedestal, treated as though I could do no wrong. It's a scary feeling to experience such a thing.

Can you imagine how much weight John the Baptist carried on his shoulders, and yet he continued to spread the word of God. He showed a commitment that few people will responsibly undertake, and yet felt he was not worthy when it came time to Baptize Jesus.

My faith is stronger than ever, and yet I am struggling to understand the trials in my life. John faced incredible challenges, and the strength of his faith led him to accomplish impossible tasks, to help others know Christ.

And when I think of John the Baptist questioned, “Am I worthy,” I gain a bit of confidence for my future.

Just sharing my thoughts on my walk with Christ offers a bit more confidence helping me to overcome my self-esteem issues.

This post is my third post, based off thoughts from reading the New Testament from beginning to end. The thoughts in this post are from the book of Matthew Chapter 3.

Am I worthy of being more than I am today?

The truth is, we are worthy of achieving greatness, and we all struggle with self-esteem from time to time. Some of us more so than others.

The Pastor at my Church made an interesting statement during Sunday's sermon. He said, “We can believe in God, but not believe God.”

That's pretty profround, because I do believe in God, but part of overcoming low self-esteem is learning to “believe God”!

You're not alone in your struggles. I am learning that Bible study is building my self-esteem, letting me know I am worthy of so much.