One thing that I have found out in life is that there is always a way.  As a husband, father and business owner, I have faced many seemingly impossible obstacles in my life.  I am sure that most of you can relate to some of my life experiences.  Each of us has trials that we must face and work through.  Just because you don't see someone struggling does not mean that there is not a battle going on inside their head.  Some people wear their heart on their sleeve, and others hold an excellent poker face.

When I first started my business, it was a struggle.  Being a 17-year-old kid trying to pave my way was not easy.  Have you ever tried going to the bank and asking for an equipment loan when all you have ever done is bag groceries at a local grocery store?  I would have had an easier time getting a $30,000 a year college loan.  They pour out money for education like water but put you through the crucible when it comes to funding your own business.  When you have big dreams and aspirations, there is always someone there to stand in your way.  Not everyone you meet will be your friend, and your family may not always support your decisions in life either.

Since the bank wasn't going to be my friend, I had to prove to the world that I could make this happen.  When you find drive inside of you, there is always a way.  There is always a solution.  Sometimes you have to knock on a lot of wrong doors before you find the one that opens.  Some people have better luck than others.  They hit their open door on one of the first tries.  Others spend years trying to carve a path to success.  In life, persistence does pay off.  If you want something bad enough, you will find a way to make it happen.  If you get tired of settling in disappointment, you need to find a way to succeed.  Looking back over the eighteen years since I started my business, it has been a long road filled with success and disappointment.

There is always a way if you trust in the Lord.

There is one path in life that we all must follow to find inner peace.  That way is a relationship with Jesus.  It amazes me how many people grew up in Church that never knew Jesus.  When these same people are adults, they want nothing to do with Jesus because they associate him with their bad experience at Church.  Let me tell you, if you feel this way, you haven't yet know what a relationship with Jesus looks like.

Running away from Jesus because of your Church experience was terrible does not make your life easier, it makes it harder.  Even if the door to inner peace is wide open, you will walk right by it.  Not because you do not want to find peace, but because you are looking for peace in the wrong places.  Your door for success and opportunity awaits you if you just know what you are looking for.  Instead of trying to knock down doors with dead ends, why not focus on the key to life.  Jesus is the key that can open any door no matter strong it is.  I will leave you with this verse.

Hebrews 11:6 NASB And without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him.