We have all seen someone air out their dirty laundry on social media.  For some reason, people think that the proper way to handle situations is through social media.  Gone are the times where you confront someone face to face and work out your differences.  Our society has changed from social interaction to text message, Twitter and Facebook posts.  As a Christian, how does that behavior lead anyone to Christ?

On my Facebook news feed the other day, there was a video that generated quite a bit of stir.  People from my former Church were arguing about worship.  This behavior is one of the reasons why I left the Church by the way.  Too many chiefs, not enough Indian's so they say.  As I read through the post, many Christians focused on bashing each other.  These folks were so dead set in their way that they were willing to throw a fellow brother or sister under the bus to win their argument.  Some people chiming in even felt compelled to tell others that they should leave the Church if they don't like it.

One thing that I learned early on is that as Christians, we are the body of Christ.  If you look at this example, not every Christian is the same, but they all still serve a vital role in furthering the Kingdom.  Some people are created to lead, and others are there to support them.  It didn't surprise me that there were so much distrust and disdain for others in the Church.  Every comment that I read reinforced my decision to leave this Church.  The dysfunction and ignorance of Biblical teaching were on full display for everyone to see.

Airing your dirty laundry on social media hurts the Kingdom.

All dysfunctional Churches have one thing in common; they lack focus.  The focus needs to be on Christ; it doesn't need to be about other people and their faults.  Petty pandering to different age demographics and using Bible verses as a weapon will inevitably destroy your Church.  The sad thing about the post that I watched originated on a pastor's Facebook page.  I guess from my point of view the adult thing to do would be to delete the post after the confrontation from your members raised.  Instead of watching your flock beat each other over the head with words and keyboard fight, get rid of the post.

Obviously, if there is that much animosity, then there are more significant problems behind the wall of your Church.  Sadly enough many members of this Church found it necessary to embarrass themselves online.  My question to these individuals is how many people did you lead to Christ by your conversation?  What Christ-like example did you show non-believers that may have seen the exchange?  We are all human and have flaws.  It just seems like far too often Christian's like to dig themselves a hole and jump in.  Instead of correcting the situation, they think that if they just dig a little bit farther, they will get out.

Why does any of this matter?

Talking about your dirty laundry on social media divides people.  When you say something behind your computer, your words may be misinterpreted.  You words also etch themselves in virtual stone.  Just because you delete your keystrokes does not make your words disappear.  Every time we tear into another believer, we leave a scar.  We do not tarnish our relationship with them, but we leave a mark.

When I think of Christ dying for our sins, I always think of the marks that our sin left on his body.  There are visible holes in Christ's hands and feet.  The scars on his back, punctures in his head and the gash on his side.  We ask forgiveness for our sins, but his marks do not go away.  His scars are visible reminders of the price he paid for our ransom.

Our dirty laundry on social media leaves marks as well.

Every time we attack another believer, it leaves a mark. It may not leave a visible sign like a hole in the hand, but the damage is still there.  One of Satan's most significant victories is turning believers against each other.  Many believers know this, but fall into the same trap every time it is set.

For my brother's and sister's out there, quit the petty arguing.  Focus on the Kingdom by leading others to Christ.  Life is too short to be caught up airing your dirty laundry on social media.

Matthew 18:15 NASB “If your brother sins, go and show him his fault in private; if he listens to you, you have won your brother.