Do you share the gospel with others or are you afraid to?  I am sure that people are reading this that share the gospel on a regular basis.  They are fulfilling scripture and God's desire for our lives.  Now for the other side of the coin.  Time to talk about Christians that never share the Gospel with others.  Since I have been there, I will share my story with you.

Matthew 28:19 NASB “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit,”

I grew up attending Church regularly, almost every week.  I wouldn't pay attention to the sermons when I was a child because I found most of them boring and would rather doodle on my Church bulletin instead.  Never did I think of witnessing because I was bored myself, why would I want to share that with anyone?  When I grew up and moved out on my own, I kept attending Church on a regular basis.  Instead of doodling, I started to listen to the sermons.  After many years of attending Church, I knew what I should do as a Christian.

Share the good news right?  Well, I was a believer and not a follower.  When you believe in something, you agree with its cause.  That does not mean that you are passionate about what you share.  This my friends are where a belief in God is different from a relationship with God.  I was a great believer.  I went to Church regularly and even dabbled in some Church activities to top it off.  Looking in the mirror, I was the model Christian in my mind.  Thinking that I was fulfilling my duty to get into heaven, I continued down this same path for many years.

Being a good person with morals was great.  I felt like I had it all together.  What I had was an absent relationship that was stuck together by my good deeds.  Nothing that I was doing was bringing me closer to the Lord.  Everything I was doing was hiding God instead of sharing the gospel.  It took a long time to figure out what a relationship with God looked like.

Why we share the gospel.

Once I finally figured out what a relationship with Jesus was, I felt a calling to start sharing the good news.  No longer was my faith mine, but it now turned into a tool to reach others.  I always shared the gospel with my children from day one.  What I didn't share with them was how to reach others.  They became accustomed to the Bible and the good news.  What was missing from their spiritual life was a desire to share the gospel with others.  Instead of me telling them what they should do, I decided to start showing them.

So I started telling others about the good news.  It was hard at first because this was way out of my comfort zone.  I tend to mind my own business and expect others to do the same.  When you are on a spiritual walk, there is no way to mind your own business because everything turns into God's business.

Witnessing to others.

I started sharing the gospel with people I knew and people I worked with.  Over a year of sharing the gospel with several employees, turned into two employees attending Church on a regular basis.  This was the first time in my life that I could see the word of God work through me.  It is an amazing to see how God can use you if you let him.

When we hide the gospel and don't share it, we become fruitless Christians.  No one can see the joy and blessings in our life.  We don't stand out, and we are not the salt and light in the world.  We are called to share the good news to all nations.  I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and pray that God will work in your life to further his kingdom.