How are we at accepting Gods challenges?  Do we embrace them and welcome them with open arms or do we fight against them?  Growing up as a child, I always wondered why God let things happen the way he did.  I was young and did not understand Gods plan for my life.  The closer I grew in the word, the more I realized to embrace the challenges that God gives me.

Challenges, set backs and hurdles in our life are there for a reason.  We may never know the reason.  At the time we are working through the struggle, we get frustrated and wonder why.  All I know is that I have learned that accepting Gods challenges in my life bears fruit on the other side.

After we got married, we decided to buy a home.  We found our dream home for newly weds.  Moving from an apartment to a house was a big step.  We finally got to own our piece of the American dream.  Everything was great until the day before we were scheduled to move in.  The loan got pulled at the last minute because of some paperwork errors on the bank's end.  What ended up being a huge disappointment at the time, turned into a huge blessing in the end.

Accepting Gods challenges means trusting his will.

Fast forward several years.  We didn't end up getting the home we fell in love with.  Instead, we ended up getting a much nicer property that worked out even better for us in the end.  In 2008 our community experienced tremendous flooding.  Remember the house we didn't end up getting?  Yep, it flooded.  The house sat in the 500-year flood plain, so it wasn't required to have flood insurance at the time. The house was torn down because it was a complete loss.

Can you imagine what would have happened to our family if we had a mortgage on a house that flooded and didn't have flood insurance?  We would have been financially wiped forever.  Back to the apartment and hello second job.  See accepting Gods challenges is a good thing.  Instead of pushing for this house, we agreed that God wanted something different for us.  If we had fought God, we would have lost everything.

Through our blindness God delivers.

We were blind to the future.  Only God knew what lie ahead.  God challenges us every day and we do not know why.  Sometimes we just have to accept the challenge and back off.  Trusting in God's will means that we leave everything up to him.  Instead of wondering why we need to pray and give thanks.  One of the hardest things to do in life is giving up control.  Give power to your creator because he loves you.  He created you, so he has your back.

Proverbs 3:5 is one of my favorite verses.  Check this out.

Proverbs 3:5 NASB Trust in the Lord with all your heart And do not lean on your own understanding.